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Department of ASSAMESE

                   This department Imparts education in Assamese MIL and Advanced Assamese in HS level and Assamese MIL, Assamese Major & Elective Assamese courses in degree level.

Faculty members:  

1. Dr. Jiban Ch. Pathak, M. A., Ph. D., Associate Professor & Head

2. Mr. Ghateswar Baruah, M. A., Associate Professor,

3.  Dr. Sabita Mazumdar Kalita, M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D., Associate Professor,

4.  Mr. Girindra Kr. Deka, M. A., M. Phil, Assistant Professor,

5. Dr. Hemalata Devi, M. A., Ph. D., Assistant Professor.

6. Mrs. Jayanti Baro, M. A., Assistant Professor (Contractual).




















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