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Department of ENGLISH

                    Apart from teaching General English & Alternative English in Arts, Commerce and Science at both HS and Degree levels, this department also offers English Major and Elective English in degree level.

Faculty members:   

                               1.      Mr. Rajendra Kalita, M.A., Associate Professor & Head,

2.      Dr. Arupa Patangia Kalita, M.A., Ph.D., PGCTE, Associate Professor,

                               3.      Mr. Rabindra Kr. Sarmah, M.A., Associate Professor,

4.      Mr. Jayanta Kr. Chakravarty, M.A., PGDTE, Associate Professor,

                               5.      Mrs. Shubra Sukla Baidya Ghosh, M.A., Associate Professor,

6.      Mrs. Niyar Boro, M. A., Assistant Professor (Contractual).




















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