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           Students of HS course have to face two steps examination systems to complete their two years’ course. The first step is the Higher Secondary First Year Annual Examination which is conducted by the College as per the decision of the Examination Committee of the college. The candidates who get through to the Second Year have to appear the Final Examinations conducted by the AHSEC at the end of the course.

In the Three Years Degree Course (TDC), we follow the Semester system of curriculum developed by the Gauhati University to which the college is affiliated. As such, the Semester End Examinations are conducted by the college as per the programmes prepared by the Gauhati University at the end of every semester.

Besides the final examinations which are conducted as per the A.H.S.E.C. and G.U. schedules, the college holds internal examination like Unit Tests/ Internal Assessment and Pre Final Tests.



















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