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                  The College is governed and managed by a Governing Body approved by the Director of Education, B.T.C. At present, Mr. Bonjar Daimari, Deputy Speaker, BTCLA and MCLA from Khalingduwar Constituency of BTC, is the President of the Governing Body of Tangla College, Tangla.

Present office bearers of the College Governing Body:


Mr. Bonjar Daimari, Deputy Speaker, BTCLA & MCLA, Khalingduwar Constituency



Dr. Prasen Daimari, M.A.,Ph.D. Principal, Tangla College, Tangla


c.Member Ex-Officio

Dr. Jiban Ch. Pathak, M.A., Ph.D., Vice Principal, Tangla College, Tangla.


d. 2 (two) Nominated Members of Gauhati University, Assam



e. 3 (three) Guardian Members (atleast one of whom should be  lady)

(i)  Sri Balendra  Baro,

(ii)  Sri Bhumidhar Sarmah,

(iii) Smt. Sanjibani Baro.

f.  2 (two) Representatives of the     Teaching Staff (to be elected  for the period of 1 year)

(i)   Mr. Jayanta Kr. Chakravarty, M. A.,   Associate Professor, Dept. of English

ii)   Mr. Ghateswar Baruah, M. A.,   Associate Professor,        Dept. of Assamese.

g. Donor Member

Sri Kamal Sharma, Vice-Chairman, Tangla Town Committee.


h. 1 (one) Representative Member  of the Non-teaching Staff

Mrs. Niru Goswami, S.A., Office Staff. Tangla  College, Tangla















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