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The under graduate programmes contain the following courses:

                 1. Under Graduate Programmes in Arts, Commerce and Science                                                    (6 semester course, both General & Major Courses).

                   2.  Bachelor of Computer Application (6 semester course)

In undergraduate programmes for Arts, Commerce and Science, students must have English and MIL as compulsory subjects and any combination of two elective subjects of 75/100 marks each out of which 15/20 marks is allotted to internal assessment. The marks allotted for Internal evaluation (20%) in each paper will be based on following :

             a)    Sessional Examination - I

             b)    Sessional Examination - II

            c)    Home Assignment, Seminars and Group Discussion, or related work  depending on the decision of the teachers/college concerned. Each  sessional examination will be of one hour duration and be conducted by the concerned teacher of each paper and the students should write the examination in proper University answer books.

Arts Stream

  Compulsory Subjects            :    (i) English (ii) MIL (Assamese, Bodo, Bengali, Alt. Eng.)

   Elective Subjects (any two)      :   Economics, Education, History, Political Science, Elective Assamese (ASL), Elective Bodo (BDL), Elective English (ESL), Mathematics and Statistics.

   Major Course                         :    Assamese, Bodo, Economics, Education, English, History and Political Science.

N. B. : Students opting for Major Course in subjects like Assamese, Bodo and English are not allowed to take MIL or Alt. English and elective language subjects like ASL, BDL or ESL.



(All subjects in the Commerce Stream are Compulsory)

The Revised course under the newly introduced Semester System for three years Degree Course is as follows :

Courses in Commerce Stream

Major Subjects : Accountancy, Finance and Management.

Mark distribution in all the papers will be as follows :

                                              a) Internal Evaluation        : 20% Marks

                                              b) External Evaluation        : 80% Marks

Science Stream

     Compulsory Subject       :      Functional & General English

     Elective subjects        :     Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics,  Economics and Statistics.

Students have to select any three of the following groups :

       Groups                                  1st Elective             2nd Elective           3rd Elective

        1.  F. & G. English                  Physics               Chemistry              Mathematics

        2.  F. & G. English                  Botany                Zoology                  Chemistry

        3.  F. & G. English                  Botany                Chemistry               Mathematics

        4.  F. & G. English                  Zoology               Botany                    Mathematics

        5.  F. & G. English                  Mathematics        Statistics                Physics

        6.  F. & G. English                  Economics          Statistics                 Mathematics


    * Students can select any one of the following subjects for MAJOR COURSE provided the number of student in each course is not less than five:

1. Physics, 2. Chemistry, 3. Botany, 4. Zoology, and 5. Mathematics.

*  Students offering Major in Physics are allowed to take Mathematics and Statistics as Elective subjects.

*  A student desiring to offer major in any subject mentioned above is required to take two elective subjects other than the subject offered as MAJOR.


 F Physics with Zoology and Statistics with Zoology and Botany combination are not  allowed.

Important :     Environmental Studies is a compulsory subject of 100 marks  in TDC  3rd and 4th Semesters Arts & Science and TDC 3rd Semester Commerce.














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