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The College has a well-equipped library with computer and reading-room facilities. In fact, Tangla College Library is one of the richest libraries of the undivided Darrang District. Books are lent to the students on production of Borrowers’ Ticket/Card to the Library Authorities. Every student is expected to avail of the library facilities for their academic and personality development.


Library Rules : Students have to maintain the following rules strictly -

     1.      Students shall not make any noise or talk while in the reading-room.

     2.    Students should carefully examine the books issued to them before leaving the Library counter. If any damage or mutilation in the book issued to him/her is noticed, it should be reported to the Librarian. The borrower will be responsible for loss or damage of any book borrowed from the College Library.

     3.     Books must be returned within 15 days of the date of issue. A fine of  Rs. 0.50 per day will be levied if a borrower does not return the book on due date.

      4.     All books should be returned before filling up the forms of Final Examination.

      5.     The Library is being computerized.

      6.     The teachers & Student will be provided Internet facilities shortly.


Library Hours : The Library remains open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm on all working days of the week. Sunday is a holiday.


Book Bank for Poor Students -   Tangla College Library has a Book Bank Facility for the benefit of the poor students. Poor students can borrow all the required books after obtaining a valid Book-Bank Card.















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